This dataset provided by Speedchecker Ltd includes individual readings of Internet speed from online speed tests, as well as other information such as Internet latency and ISPs, between 2011 and 2018.

Each year corresponds to two datasets, one with and one without accurate location data (15,000 datapoints per day and 65,000 datapoints per day respectively), except for 2011-2013 where accurate location data were not provided. Note that the 2018 data is not complete.

The following variables are included in the data:

  • Speed test data without accurate location:

65,000 datapoints per day.

Variable names:

  1. Date Time
  2. Download speed (Mbps)
  3. Upload speed (Mbps)
  4. Internet latency (ms)
  5. Internet provider
  6. Internet provider advertised speed (where provided)
  • Speed test data with accurate location (up to 2km accuracy):

15,000 datapoints per day.

Variable names:

  1. Date Time
  2. Latitude (WGS 84: 4326)
  3. Longitude (WGS 84: 4326)
  4. Geolocation accuracy (m)
  5. Download speed (Mbps)
  6. Upload speed (Mbps)
  7. Internet latency (ms)
  8. Internet provider.
  9. Internet provider advertised speed (where provided)

This is a safeguarded dataset and is only available on a contract basis and the application forms and more details can be found at

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Additional Info

Field Value
Product Speedchecker Broadband Internet Speed
Date Range 2011-2018
Data Collector Speedchecker Ltd
Update Frequency Continuous
Geographical Scales Point
Analytical Units Individual Readings
Data Kind CSV
Bounding box World
Source Speedchecker Ltd
Creator CDRC
Creator Email
Publisher Consumer Data Research Centre
Publisher Email
Maintainer Consumer Data Research Centre
Maintainer Email