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Domestic Energy Provider - Aggregated data

The Domestic Energy Provider- Aggregated Data contains details of smart meter measures for domestic gas and electricity consumption in Great Britain for 2015. The dataset has been created by the CDRC and derived from an undisclosed Domestic Energy Provider in the UK.

Smart meters provide continuous measures of consumption of gas and electricity and are central to better understanding the underlying behaviour of domestic energy consumption. These data are recorded automatically at half an hour aggregated intervals. This has particular research relevance for consumer behaviour and energy policy, but creates challenges with generalisation of temporal profiles. It may provide greater precision in understanding the differences in temporal patterns for users that may have similar energy consumption but very different consumption habits. It offers the possibility of deriving postcode sector estimates of traditional socio-economic indicators from transactional data collected by these smart meters.

University College London (UCL)
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Domestic Energy Provider


Data provided by the Consumer Data Research Centre, an ESRC Data Investment: ES/L011840/1, ES/L011891/1

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Release Date
Safeguarded access via the CDRC
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
Great Britain
Temporal Coverage
January 2015 to December 2015
Postcode Sector
Alexiou, Alexandros
Contact Name
Dr Bin Chi
Contact Email
POLYGON ((-7.9025538661 49.9349807229, -7.9025538661 60.9608607872, 1.8972508214 60.9608607872, 1.8972508214 49.9349807229))
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