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CDRC Residential Mobility Index

This index provides an estimate of the "churn" of the residential population in the UK - the proportion of households that have changed between the beginning of 2023 and the end of each of each year going back to 1997. The estimates were built from linking administrative and consumer data, including electoral registers, consumer registers and land registry house sale data. This data enables researchers to explore annual variations in neighbourhood change at a small area geography. Crucially it also enables researchers to focus on yearly data rather than relying on decadal census data to estimate change. It is even possible to observe trends that have occurred since the collection of the most recent census.

For a visual exploration of the dataset please visit the CDRC Housing Dashboard

Note: The coverage and completeness of the underlining linked consumer register has gradually degraded in recent years, which may have resulted in a slight decline in the quality of the dataset for these years.

Please note: this dataset replaces the previous versions of the CDRC Residential Mobility Index (1997-2016) and (1997-2020). These versions are available on request only.

University College London (UCL)
Release Date
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
United Kingdom
Temporal Coverage
January 1997 to January 2023
LSOA and LAD; Year
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POLYGON ((-7.9025538661 49.9349807229, -7.9025538661 60.9608607872, 1.8972508214 60.9608607872, 1.8972508214 49.9349807229))
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UK Open Government Licence (OGL)