Welcome to the CDRC Data Service

The CDRC Data service is formed of three tiers: Open, Safeguarded and Secure. Datasets are organised by topic, products and geography with some data available through the maps interface. Access to data in the Open tier follows a simple registration process and access to data held in the Safeguarded and Secure tier follows a reviewed application process. Further details and initial application form can be found on our main website.

Service at Risk

The Consumer Data Research Centre has enjoyed notable success in its mission to access and share business and government data sets with the academic community. However, there is likely to be an interregnum in administrative support for new researcher applications after 15 March 2019 in the University College London-led part of the CDRC consortium. This will arise pending a decision on further funding for the service up until the end of October 2020, and new appointments that depend upon this decision. No new applications to use the secure tier of the service will be accepted until new arrangements can be put in place.

Leeds has long-term funding guaranteed until at least February 2024 to enable its important research and impact activities. However, funding for its data service is currently also scheduled to end in February 2020 - affecting how the Centre manages data requests going forward. Leeds remains committed to supporting researchers and its external partners in undertaking research and generating impact using consumer data. Leeds also continues to look at new applications to access safeguarded or controlled data on a case by case basis.

All applications for data that have already received approval will be unaffected. If you have any queries or concerns please direct them to info@cdrc.ac.uk.

Secure / Safeguarded

Open Data

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