This dataset has been provided by University of Southampton. The data is an enhanced version of the CDRC Synthetic Population dataset from the University of Leeds.

This synthetic population contains individual level data from England and Wales, generated from the 2011 census data. Individual row level data is available for MSOA geography. A description of the variables in the dataset is attached.

Due to the size of the dataset, the original CDRC synthetic population data are not reproduced and the files have been split by Office for National Statistics (ONS) standard region codes.

This dataset is only available on a contract basis and the application forms and more details can be found here.

Data and Resources

Additional Info

Field Value
Product Synthetic Population
Collecting Date 2011
Data Collector UK Census
Geographical Scales Postcode
Analytical Units Person
Data Kind csv
Bounding box England and Wales
Nation England and Wales
Attribution Statement Attribution for the data and CDRC is required for using this dataset. The data attribution is Universities of Southampton and Leeds.
Citation “The data for this research have been provided by the Consumer Data Research Centre, an ESRC Data Investment, under project ID CDRC [Project Number], ES/L011840/1; ES/L011891/1”
Maintainer Consumer Data Research Centre
Maintainer Email