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Airbnb Property Rentals and Reviews (supplied by AirDNA)

This data profile describes a dataset held by the CDRC which has been supplied by AirDNA LLC. AirDNA provides data and analytics to vacation rental entrepreneurs and investors. By tracking the daily performance of over 4.5 million listings across 60,000 markets worldwide, AirDNA presents market reports and other data products that feature occupancy rates, seasonal demand, and revenue generated by short-term rentals.

The foundation of AirDNA is built upon having the most accurate historical and forward-looking Airbnb analytics in the world. Every couch, house, and castle listed on Airbnb is analysed each day to pick up the nuances of the listing and its booking behaviour. In this dataset close to 150 data points are recorded for over 1,200,000 Airbnb rentals across England, Scotland, and Wales, to provide unique insights into the performance of each property and host.

The dataset includes, for all of Great Britain and spanning 8 years in total:

  • Historical data (monthly and daily listing performance)
  • Host data
  • Property data
  • Review data

Please see the data profile for information about the number of records in each file, and columns available.

University of Leeds
Additional Info: 

Temporal Scope

2014 - 2022

Minimum Temporal Unit


Data and Resources

Release Date
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
Great Britain
Temporal Coverage
October 2014 to September 2022
English (United Kingdom)
Location; Day
Contact Email
POLYGON ((-7.2427797317505 49.420730954227, 0.34044206142426 50.34383771691, 2.7018910646439 51.957585901073, -1.1141413450241 58.564525973281, 0.17984211444855 61.395686450522, -9.9380618333817 58.088583951958, -8.1480896472931 56.032657260924, -5.7726556062698 55.324304260099, -4.9353504180908 54.65020956888, -5.2502632141113 53.494773269886, -6.5230196714401 51.046001084414))
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