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Removed datasets

This pages lists some of the datasets that were listed in the Safeguarded or Secure tiers of the CDRC Data Service, and have subsequently been removed from listing.

Many of the datasets that we resupply from data suppliers (as opposed to those we have created or derived ourselves) come with a time-limited upstream data licence agreement which means we are no longer able to supply them on the CDRC Data Service once the agreements expire, and normally are required to delete all copies we hold ourselves.

In some cases, researchers may wish to link to the URL for our datasets. Once they expire, then URL is redirected to this page, which summarises the removed datasets. Interested parties can, on application, obtain a data profile summary document (where available) which has further details and statistics about the dataset, by emailing, detailing which expired dataset they are interested in obtaining the data profile for.

CGA 2017 Alcohol On Trade Outlet Index and Volume Estimations

The CGA datasets contain details of alcohol on trade premises along with volume estimations by band (beer, spirits, cider, wines) in England, Wales and Scotland for 2017. A data profile is available on request.

Linked Consumer Registers (1997-2016)

The linked consumer registers contain the names and addresses for adults in the UK in annual snapshots between 1997 and 2016 (inclusive). They are compiled from reported outputs from linking public versions of the electoral roll and consumer registers (supplied by value-added resellers). The data represent a near-complete coverage of the adult population at an individual level. A data profile is available on request. Please also see the Linked Consumer Registers dataset which is a successor to this dataset.

Appliances Online Consumer, Delivery and Product Level Data

The Appliances Online data contains information from online-only retail operations around the UK. The data is split according to different characteristics with different tables containing information on customer, product and delivery information from the retailer. Appliances Online consumer data are provided at the consumer id level for Jan 2013 - Feb 2016. The data provides information about the hashed account number, postcode, OnoMap coded ethnicity. Appliances Online delivery data are provided at the product delivery level for the period Jan 2013-Feb 2016. The data provide information about the order number, delivery ID, driver ID, hub ID, delivery time slot, attempted delivery time, outcome of delivery, failed type, address and postcode of the destination, redelivery ID. Appliances Online product data are provided at the product level for the period Jan 2013-Feb 2016. The data provide information about the order number, hashed account number, product category/product menu category, value (£), timestamp, outcome of delivery. A data profile is available on request.

Appliances Online Transaction Data

Appliances Online transaction data are provided at the MSOA level for England and Wales and Intermediate Zone level for Scotland. The data provides information about total transaction frequencies and total transactions by both product category and time band for the period Jan 2013 - Feb 2016. A data profile is available on request.

Youth Banking Card Provider - Transactions and earning data

The Youth Banking Card Provider dataset holds basic geodemographic information from each young user (6-18 years) and detailed information about their spending habits using a pre-paid debit card. Scale: Card transactions, postcode, gender, age, card loads, family size, spend category, spend type, spend amount, retailer. Note, the data profile for this dataset is not available.

Cluttons Real Estate Indices

These indices record changes in sales and rental values for residential properties and commercial office spaces for the various London markets where Cluttons operate. The data were collected from 1996 to 2017 and are represented as indices where 100 is the equivalent value at the start of the data collection period for each market. The data are provided as an Excel document of indices where the columns are different markets (areas) and rows are quarters of years. Sales and lettings data, and commercial and residential records are all distinguished on different sheets. A data profile is available on request.

Electoral Roll Data

This dataset contains the records from the electoral roll (register) published each year from 1998 to 2002. The data contains the information on all individuals registered to vote in the respective years with the following attributes for each record: ID, Postcode, Town, Locality, Street, Property, Surname, Initial, Forename. A data profile is available. Please also see the Linked Consumer Registers dataset which is a successor to this dataset.

GISRUK Data Challenge 2018

We invited researchers intending to register as GISRUK 2018 conference delegates to develop a novel analysis or visualisation of CDRC and associated data, in order to investigate the hypothesis set out in the Economist article “The immigration paradox Explaining the Brexit vote” (Jul 14th 2016) that argues that the rate of change in number of migrants in an area rather than the total headcount influenced the Brexit vote. We provided two sets of data, these two should form the main sources of data for the challenge: CDRC small area predicted ethnicity data from 1998-2017, and a copy of the Electoral Commission's official results of the UK's EU referendum results, by voting area (council areas in Scotland, constituencies in England and Wales, and a single result for Northern Ireland). The latter dataset is obtainable elsewhere, and the former is still available on the CDRC Data Service as a Safeguarded dataset.