The SmartStreetSensor Footfall Atlas is a CDRC derived product based on the Local Data Company - UCL SmartStreetSensor Footfall Data. The Atlas contains information about every sensor installed by LDC in the UK since July 2015 until 31st December 2017 along with relevant metadata for the network of sensors This product is organised by City / Retail Areas* / Sensor locations

For each location, a datasheet is provided, containing:

  • Precise location

  • Operation dates

  • Location map and street view image (where available)

  • A plot with the sensor’s hourly counts averaged through the operational period.

An example of this Atlas can be found in the below Data and Resources section.
This safeguarded dataset is only available for academic research on a contract basis and the application forms and more details can be found here.

*The Retail Area definition is provided by the University of Liverpool, for more information about it please contact

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Additional Info

Field Value
Product SmartStreetSensor Footfall Atlas
Date Range 2015-present
Collecting Date 2015-present
Data Collector LDC
Update Frequency Monthly
Geographical Scales Post Code
Analytical Units Point
Data Kind PDF
Bounding box UK
Nation United Kingdom
Creator Roberto Murcio
Creator Email
Publication Year 2018
Maintainer Consumer Data Research Centre
Maintainer Email