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CDRC Estimated Change in the Rateable Value of Retail Premises

DOI: 10.20390/ratevalretail2015
Creator: Consumer Data Research Centre
Distributor: Consumer Data Research Centre
Data Collector: Office for National Statistics (ONS)
Data Collector: Local Data Company (LDC)
Data Collector: Valuation Office Agency
Data Collector: Colliers International Ltd.
Publisher: Consumer Data Research Centre
Publication Year: 2015
Subject: Rateable values, VOA, Retail
Language: English
Resource General Type: Collection
Resource Type: Recession impact maps
Version: 1
Description: These data provide the output of a model that explores the variable impact of the recession on current retail business rates. Regionally adjusted values are presented at the local authority scale for England; alongside retail centre adjusted values for a series of case study locations. These data were generated for a report produced in collaboration with the Local Data Company. Ancillary data used within the model were supplied by the Valuation Office Agency and Colliers International Ltd.

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