Small area datasets related to residential properties that are mapped on CDRC Maps, including dwelling age periods (at LSOA resolution) and house prices (v2 at LSOA resolution, v1 at MSOA resolution). From the VOA and the ONS.

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Field Value
Product Top Metrics
Date Range 1899-2015
Collecting Date 14/12/2015, Autumn 2018
Data Collector VOA, ONS
Update Frequency The sources update quarterly (ONS) and annual (VOA). This compilation will be updated on an as-needed basis.
Geographical Scales LSOA and MSOA
Analytical Units Dwellings (residential properties, houses)
Data Kind CSV
Bounding box England, Wales
Nation England, Wales
Source URL and
Source VOA and ONS websites
Creator Consumer Data Research Centre
Creator Email
Publisher Consumer Data Research Centre
Publisher Email
Publication Year 2015
DOI 10.20390/houseprice2015
Geography URL
Attribution Statement Sources: Office for National Statistics and Valuation Office Agency. Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.
Maintainer Consumer Data Research Centre
Maintainer Email