The CDRC 2011 Population Weighted Centroids (LSOA/Data Zone) - GB data pack is integral of data from multiple sources which renders population weighted centroids for each LSOA or Data Zone in Great Britain and correspondent population and households.


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Population Weighted Centroids (descriptions excerpted from source data packs)

Scottish centroids for data zone boundaries have been created by the Scottish Government's Geographic Information Science and Analysis Team (GI-SAT) in order to provide a way to link data zones to other (higher level) geographic boundaries used by Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics (SNS) and the wider public sector. Data zone centroids do not represent the geometric centre of the feature, but rather the population weighted centre. A detailed methodology to the process used in 2001 can be found at:

While the method used to create 2011 Data Zone Centroids remains broadly the same, a small change was implemented following consultation with Local Authorities regarding 2011 Data Zone boundaries. This change was to use the median of locations of output area centroids contained within a data zone, as opposed to the mean centre. The median is considered to be a more robust measure of central tendency and is less likely to be influenced by values far away from what would be considered to be the population centre of the Data Zone.

Each 2011 Data Zone has been given a new unique code, following the Scottish Government’s standard naming and coding convention. The Data Zone 2011 codes range from S01006506 to S01013481 (the previous 2001 codes ranged from S01000001 to S01006505). Most data zones have been named according to the Intermediate Zone in which they reside, following the format ‘Intermdiate Zone Name – 01’, ‘Intermediate Zone Name – 02’, etc. Some Councils chose to provide an individual name to each data zone (e.g. Fife). Census 2011 total, resident and household counts have been summed for each data zone and included in the attribute table.

Each instance of 2011 LSOA in England and Welsh has a population weighted centroid, that reflects the spatial distribution of the 2011 Census population in each instance of those geographies, referenced to a single summary point on the ground. Each population weighted centroid was calculated using a median centroid algorithm, which is less influenced by outliers than a mean centroid algorithm. The centroids were created using Full Resolution Extent of the Realm boundaries.

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  • Data provided by the ESRC Consumer Data Research Centre.


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Field Value
Product Population Open Data
Date Range 2011
Data Collector National Statistics, Scottish Government, Ordnance Survey
Geographical Scales Data Zone, LSOA
Analytical Units Data Zone, LSOA
Data Kind Location, Count
Bounding box GB
Nation England, Welsh, Scotland
Source Census 2011, Data Zone Centroids 2011
Creator Alex Singleton, University of Liverpool, Wen Li, University College London
Creator Email
Maintainer Consumer Data Research Centre
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