Guy Lansley and James Cheshire

This tutorial series is designed to provide an accessible introduction to techniques for handling, analysing and visualising spatial data in R. R is an open source software environment for statistical computing and graphics. It has a range of bespoke packages which provide additional functionality for handling spatial data and performing complex spatial analysis operations. The practical series uses open data which has been made readily available for each tutorial and demonstrates a range of techniques that are useful for social science research including multivariate analysis, mapping and spatial interpolation.

The tutorials and their associated data are freely available, although users are required to register for an account on this website to access them. For any questions or concerns please email Guy at g.lansley@ucl.ac.uk.

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Mubasiru A. Lamidi - 18:36 - 19/05/2017

This is wonderful. I enjoy learning the stuff. It is very educative and easy to follow.


Romain Bousquet - 20:05 - 04/07/2017

This was excellent. Thanks a lot far making this available online... On a few occasions, a bit more help to interpret the stats/figures we were calculating could have added some value, but overall this was thorough.

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