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Local Data Company - SmartStreetSensor Footfall Data – Aggregated data

The aggregated level footfall sensor data is a derived product. The data are based on the Local Data Company – SmartStreetSensor Footfall Data and provides temporally aggregate level footfall measures across select retail centres in the UK. This product contains:

  • Weekly footfall count for retail centres requested
  • Number of sensors in retail centres requested
  • Location of sensors by street name for the retail centres requested
  • For a period of 1 calendar year
  • A complete description of this dataset can be found in the below Data and Resources section.

    This dataset is an aggregated version of Local Data Company - SmartStreetSensor Footfall Data. Please see the secure version for more data protection details.

    University College London (UCL)
    Additional Info: 

    Temporal Scope

    2015 - September 2020

    Release Date
    Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
    United Kingdom
    Location; Week
    Local Data Company
    Contact Email
    POLYGON ((-8.9948498999 49.688302644, 2.0867431164 49.688302644, 2.0867431164 61.0684288668, -8.9948498999 61.0684288668, -8.9948498999 49.688302644))
    License Not Specified

    Data Extent

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