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Local Data Company - SmartStreetSensor Footfall Data

The LDC SmartStreetSensor footfall data produced in partnership with the CDRC includes details of passive WiFi signal probing from a sensor network across Great Britain. These data are used as a proxy for estimating footfall at retail locations.

A complete description of this dataset can be found in the below Data and Resources section.

We strongly recommend that potential applicants apply for the Safeguarded version of this dataset, rather than this Secure version. The Safeguarded dataset, while not having the raw sensor data, does include counts, for each sensor location, aggregated to every five minutes. (The only data additionally gained with the Secure dataset are unique sensor identifiers, raw packet counts and signal strength.) Please see

University College London (UCL)
Release Date
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
United Kingdom
Location; Time
Local Data Company
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POLYGON ((-8.9948498999 49.688302644, 2.0867431164 49.688302644, 2.0867431164 61.0684288668, -8.9948498999 61.0684288668, -8.9948498999 49.688302644))

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