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Local Data Company - Ultra Wide Band Footfall Data – Research Aggregated data

The Ultra Wide Band (UWB) footfall datasets contains aggregated footfall counts for a selected number of retail locations in UK. Counts of shoppers are obtained using Ultra Wide Band radar devices. UWB provides more accurate measures of footfall compared to Wi-Fi probing.

For each retail unit, the datasets provides:
* hourly footfall counts
* approximate location at street segment or town level.

Linked datasets:

University College London (UCL)
Release Date
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
Temporal Coverage
August 2019 to October 2022
POLYGON ((-6.7036926746 49.7133142846, 1.9288146496 49.7133142846, 1.9288146496 55.9920568951, -6.7036926746 55.9920568951, -6.7036926746 49.7133142846))
License Not Specified

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