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Linked Consumer Registers

The linked consumer registers contain the names and addresses for adults in the UK in annual snapshots from 1997 onwards. They are compiled from reported outputs from linking public versions of the electoral roll and consumer registers (supplied by value-added resellers). The data represent a near-complete coverage of the adult population at an individual level.

Our updated data licence agreements mean that these data, which are used extensively by CDRC to build other data products, are now only available for access by internal CDRC users (staff or students) in GDSL at Liverpool or GSAC at UCL. Interested potential users who are not part of these groups can contact the CDRC PI via the email address listed below - access may be arranged as part of a formal academic collaboration with one of these groups.

Following a recent supplier change, the data is now available up to 2020 and it is anticipated that this will be continued on an annual basis. Due to the imputation process, and with the aim towards continual improvement in the register across all years, each version of the register may be slightly different for older years as well as newer.

One of the inputs into the Linked Consumer Register, the Registers of Scotland, is available via UBDC.

University College London (UCL)
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CDRC Linked Consumer Register


Data provided by the Consumer Data Research Centre, an ESRC Data Investment: ES/L011840/1, ES/L011891/1

Release Date
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
United Kingdom
Temporal Coverage
January 1997 to December 2023
Contact Name
Dr Justin van Dijk
Contact Email
POLYGON ((-7.6334059238434 48.98510357812, 1.0322964191437 50.531451378539, 2.8089112043381 51.892457490782, 2.0820486545563 59.582732393035, -0.9116131067276 61.93898575546, -11.153515577316 58.182616833768, -6.6029226779938 55.344426973078, -7.8787368535995 54.130372735679, -5.6634789705276 53.888542815249, -3.9979934692383 54.615847476635, -5.3949281573296 52.460118230107))
Internal use only

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Internal use only