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Local morbidity rates of Global Burden of Disease and alcohol-related conditions

The Local Morbidity Rates of Global Burden of Disease and Alcohol-related Conditions is a dataset of England’s Middle Super Output Area (MSOA) level local age and sex-standardised morbidity rates for 27 categories of health conditions for the financial years 1999/2000 to 2013/2014. The 27 categories of health conditions refer to the International Classification of Diseases v.10 (ICD-10) codes recorded in the NHS Hospital Episode Statistics data (HES). This consists of the 20 level 1 diseases classified by WHO’s Global Burden of Disease (GBD) study and 7 level 1 alcohol-related conditions from the US. Clinical Classification System (CCS) and as defined by the Nuffield Trust.

The morbidity rates have been represented in the data as crude case counts of observed and expected cases and spatially smoothed Bayesian spatial structural models for each year. Morbidity rates in the data have been derived from in-patient local age and sex-standardised hospital admission rates provided by HES to contribute to studies of geographical health disparities. The reference population for data is the 2001 England population as recorded in the Census 2001. Lists of the included health conditions are in the data profile below.

University College London (UCL)
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CDRC Hospital Episode Statistics Ethnicity data products. Contains Hospital Episode Statistics data and Census data. Data provided by the Consumer Data Research Centre, an ESRC Data Investment: ES/L011840/1, ES/L011891/1


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Temporal Coverage
April 1999 to March 2014
Kandt, Jens; Longley, Paul
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Dr Jens Kandt
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POLYGON ((-7.4089050292969 49.246965692325, 0.86380004882813 50.449853222419, 2.9587554931641 52.938914254594, -1.7856216430664 56.376088018451, -4.0858840942383 54.628543260453, -2.8313827514648 52.974694707974, -2.9285430908203 51.417836890622, -5.4190063476563 51.176329747649))
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