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House Ages and Prices

DOI: 10.20390/houseprice2015
Creator: Consumer Data Research Centre
Distributor: Consumer Data Research Centre
Data Collector: Office for National Statistics and Valuation Office Agency
Publisher: Consumer Data Research Centre
Publication Year: 2015
Subject: dwellings, house prices, prices, property, residential, value
Language: English
Resource General Type: Dataset
Resource Type: Property dwelling characteristics
Version: 1
Description: Small area datasets related to residential properties that are mapped on CDRC Maps, including dwelling age periods (at LSOA resolution) and house prices (at MSOA resolution). From the VOA and the ONS. Dwelling Age Group Counts (LSOA): Residential dwelling ages, grouped into approximately 10-year age bands from pre-1900 to 2015. Counts of the numbers of properties in each LSOA (around 1000 properties), in each group. The original source also splits out by council tax bands. Median House Prices (MSOA) by Quarter, Rolling Year (ONS): Each quarter is for the median house price for the previous 12 months. The data is made available at MSOA level (approximately 5000 houses per area).

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