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County Court Judgements (CCJs)

Aggregated County Court Judgement Records from 2001 for England and Wales and from 2008 for Scotland - up to the year 2020. Consumer debtor data is available at the aggregated Middle Layer Super Output Areas (MSOA) level and Local Authority District (LAD).

Aggregations include:

  • Total number of Judgments
  • Total value of Judgments
  • Average value of Judgments
  • Number of CCJs with a value less than £250
  • Number of CCJs with a value less than £500
  • Number of CCJs with a value less than £1,000
  • Number of CCJs with a value greater than £1,000

The County Court Judgements data from 2015 is available at a record level as a Secure product.

Potential topics for study include:

  • Work on a way to derive and publish a set or range of economic health indicators
  • Predict the future trend of these economic health indices
  • Use data to highlight exceptions and process inefficiencies in public sector entities e.g. exception reporting on court timelines, outcomes that are outside expected benchmarks, highlighting court inefficiencies, bottlenecks or process flaws
  • Improve existing data accuracy and gaps e.g. impute missing or inaccurate data
  • Explore issues around CCJs and fraud – tackle the myth of the ‘unsound’ CCJ
  • The effect of politics on indebtedness, what relationships are there between Government, national political representation, local representation and indebtedness?
  • Development of the the Financial Stress Tracker produced by Registry Trust, to include the self-employed, those on low income, those who have been impacted by COVID and other factors.
  • The opportunity to focusing solely on Scotland, or Northern Ireland as these regions have had less focus at Registry Trust.
  • A closer insight into those taking out a judgment, for example which are the most forthright? Why might this be? Are there spatial or temporal trends?

For more information, please check out our blog post.

University of Liverpool
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2001 - 2020

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