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County Court Judgements (CCJs)

Aggregated County Court Judgement Records from 2001 for England and Wales and from 2008 for Scotland. Scale: Region (13 areas); Local Authority (408 areas); Electoral Wards (9,468 areas); MSOA (7,205 areas); LSOA (34,753 areas); Output Area (175,434 areas).

Category of debtor:

  • Consumer Individuals
  • Commercial Corporate, non-corporate
  • All combined Consumer, corporate and non-corporate
  • Corporate Limited or Plc companies
  • Non-Corporate Sole traders or self-employed

Aggregations included for each type of debtor:

  • Total number of Judgments
  • Total value of Judgments
  • Average value of Judgments
  • Number of CCJs with a value less than £250
  • Number of CCJs with a value less than £500
  • Number of CCJs with a value less than £1,000
  • Number of CCJs with a value greater than £1,000
University College London (UCL)
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Temporal Scope

2001, 2008, 2015

Minimum Temporal Unit


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Great Britain
OA; Year
Registry Trust Ltd
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