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Bicycle Sharing System Docking Station Observations

Bicycle Sharing System Docking Station Observations is a collection of bicycle sharing systems (BSS) datasets in a range of global urban areas, in most cases, in the UK and Ireland.

Datasets for each city/ city group comprise of:

  • Frequent and repeated observations of numbers of bicycles and empty spaces available at each of the docking stations that comprise the primary bicycle sharing system.
  • Summary observations of the numbers of bicycles reported as being available in the system, at generally the same frequency as the individual docking station observations.
  • Locations, operator IDs and names of former and current docking stations in the system.
  • A summary analysis and graph, showing how the numbers of bicycles available has varied with time, based on this data.

Data is available for the following collection of urban areas:

  • London (Santander Cycles)
  • Edinburgh (Just Eat Cycles)
  • Cardiff (Nextbike)
  • Glasgow (Nextbike)
  • Belfast (Just Eat Belfast Bikes)
  • Norwich (Beryl Bikes)
  • Watford (Beryl Bikes)
  • Hereford (Beryl Bikes)
  • Bournemouth (Beryl Bikes)
  • Brighton (BTN Bikeshare)
  • Dublin (NOW TV dublinbikes)

Certain other systems can be made available by prior arrangement, for special circumstances.

If you are interested in general trends across years, at a system rather than individual docking station level, please see the Meddin Bike-Sharing World Map (and its corresponding dataset that is also listed on CDRC Data). If you are interested in individual journey data, see the TfL website for London, or contact operators directly for other cities.

Please state which urban area you are interested in, when applying, under the Purpose section.

University College London (UCL)
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Bikesharing system operators


Data provided by the Consumer Data Research Centre, an ESRC Data Investment: ES/L011840/1, ES/L011891/1

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Fixed-Docking Station Systems in the UK
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August 2010 to March 2024
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Oliver O'Brien
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