This dataset contains survey data collected and analysed by YouGov plc between 27/7/15 and 27/7/16. This survey has been conducted using an online interview administered members of the YouGov Plc UK panel of 800,000+ individuals who have agreed to take part in surveys. An email was sent to panellists selected at random from the base sample according to the sample definition, inviting them to take part in the survey and providing a link to the survey. (The sample definition could be "GB adult population" or a subset such as "GB adult females"). YouGov Plc normally achieves a response rate of between 35% and 50% to surveys however this does vary dependent upon the subject matter, complexity and length of the questionnaire. The responding sample is weighted to the profile of the sample definition to provide a representative reporting sample. The profile is normally derived from census data or, if not available from the census, from industry accepted data. Total sample size was 250 adults. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all GB adults (aged 18+).

The following data are available (please see attached YouGov Data Groups file): * Supermarket shopping behaviours * Attitudes to sustainability, environmental issues and food * Food-related behaviours * Commuting

Cross tabulated with: * Location * Age * Gender * Social Demographic

This safeguarded dataset is only available on a contract basis and the application forms and more details can be found here.

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Additional Info

Field Value
Product YouGov Survey Data
Date Range Jul 2015-Jul 2016
Collecting Date 27/7/15 - 27/7/16
Data Collector YouGov
Geographical Scales Local Authority
Analytical Units Person
Data Kind SPSS
Bounding box United Kingdom
Nation United Kingdom
Source YouGov
Creator YouGov
Creator Email
Attribution Statement Data provided by YouGov; Data provided by the ESRC Consumer Data Research Centre.
Maintainer Consumer Data Research Centre
Maintainer Email


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