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Wejo Connected Vehicle Trajectories

Supplied by Wejo, this dataset contains GPS trajectories for around 50,000 vehicles during the month of July, representing over 1.8 million vehicle journeys and over 400 million individual records. An observation is available every 3 seconds on average during each journey.

The data contains a journey identifier, timestamp, longitude and latitude coordinates, as well as additional data fields for vehicle speed and bearing. The data is of high quality, with GPS records for every three seconds on average. This enables the successful implementation of map-matching algorithms as well as the identification of vehicle stops as well as periods of acceleration and deceleration.

This is one of the first times such a detailed and in-depth dataset detailing connected vehicle trajectories has been made available for academic research purposes.

Please see the data profile document for full details about the dataset.

If you are interested in applying to this dataset, please email CDRC Leeds Centre Manager Oli Mansell – – in the first instance.

University of Leeds

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Release Date
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
United Kingdom
Temporal Coverage
July 2022
Precise location, every 3 seconds
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Public Access Level
POLYGON ((2.5794643163681 51.26477647444, 0.37940382957458 50.525454658839, -7.6994204521179 49.243311333424, -5.0959020853043 53.590713820707, -8.0892795324326 54.40510491799, -6.8807834386826 55.702411015163, -10.331783294678 58.126853482735, -0.92375814914703 61.408963447707, 0.26012599468231 60.795774027274))
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