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Retail Centre Boundaries (Previous Versions)

These national level geodata packs provide the CDRC retail centre boundaries and retail centre centroids for the year 2017 for Great Britain. The data were produced from the 2015 LDC retail units location dataset that is available from CDRC, and built using the Graph-DBSCAN clustering method.

The associated Retail Centre Typology (2018) is a multidimensional taxonomy of retail and consumption spaces in Great Britain focussing on four domains: the composition, diversity, function and economic health of the centres. It’s a two-tier classification with 5 Supergroups and 15 nested Groups of which descriptions (Pen Portraits) are provided. Point centroids of the retail areas defined are included here.

Retail Centre Locations (DCLG Version)

These data (downloadable as "CDRC Maps Retail Centre Locations" below) represent the retail centre centroids that were used on the CDRC Maps website prior to October 2017. They were created in 2015 as centroid locations taken from those definitions of retail cores defined as part of the DCLG State of the Cities Report in 2005. To attribute these, please use the following text "Contains Department for Communities and Local Government Data; Data analysis by the ESRC Consumer Data Research Centre."

Related Publications:

Pavlis M., Dolega L. Singleton A. 2017. A Modified DBSCAN Clustering Method to Estimate Retail Center Extent.

IMPORTANT These older version of the CDRC retail centre definitions and typologies have been updated in 2021 with the release of the new CDRC Retail Centre Boundaries:

University of Liverpool
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Data provided by the ESRC Consumer Data Research Centre; Contains LDC data 2015; Contains CDRC data 2017.




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Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
Great Britain
Temporal Coverage
July 2017 to July 2018
Retail Centre
Pavlis, Michalis; Dolega, Les; Singleton, Alex
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Dr Les Dolega
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POLYGON ((-8.9948498999 49.688302644, 2.0867431164 49.688302644, 2.0867431164 61.0684288668, -8.9948498999 61.0684288668, -8.9948498999 49.688302644))
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UK Open Government Licence (OGL)