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MIAC Analytics Rental Index

The dataset contains indexed rental data from January 1995 to January 2022 at county geographic level. Updates beyond January 2022 may also be available. It has been supplied by MIAC Analytics.

Field level metadata is provided in the table overleaf. This dataset contains index and associated dispersion data for rental prices across the UK at a monthly temporal resolution and down to county area in geographic extent. Index data is available for 1134 distinct time series from January 1995 to the latest date available.

The Rental Index is constructed using a methodology developed by MIAC AnalyticsTM based on rental data from Zoopla, supplied by WhenFresh. The length of time series available (more than 25 years) and ease of operationalising the index for a variety of geographic levels would be of interest to many studies.

University of Leeds

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Release Date
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
United Kingdom
Counties, Monthly
MIAC Analytics
Contact Name
Peter Baudains
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Public Access Level
POLYGON ((-8.9756047725678 49.374280512975, -8.9756047725678 60.964257239775, 3.2046067714691 60.964257239775, 3.2046067714691 49.374280512975))
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