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Mastercard In-Person Transaction Volumes and Values Index (Yorkshire and the Humber)

The dataset is composed of anonymised and aggregated data sourced from card transactions. It provides insight into the relative growth of 14 different retail industries since January 2020. Six different measures of growth are provided: total spend, number of transactions, number of cards used, average spend per transaction, average transactions per card, and average spend per card.

The geographic scale is at the level of postcode sector and the area covered is Yorkshire and the Humber. Online transactions are not included in this dataset.

To be non-disclosive, the dataset does not contain any raw numbers for transaction counts, actual spend, etc. Instead, a value is an “index” that indicates the relative proportional change when compared to a designated “anchor period” of 2018. Index values for a given date and postcode sector are presented in relation to a baseline value in 2018 for the given industry, among all postcode sectors within the larger given geography.

University of Leeds

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Release Date
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
United Kingdom
Temporal Coverage
January 2020 to April 2023
Postcode Sector; Date
Mastercard Europe SA
Contact Name
Dustin Foley
Contact Email
Public Access Level
POLYGON ((0.06879061460495 53.555144800548, -1.7790619656444 53.518019496164, -2.4594512209296 54.392013007942, -0.13579253107309 54.397177254569, 0.2491245791316 53.648749738762))
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