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Local Internet Content

Data on the volume of local internet content (LIC). They are based on the UK Web Archive (, which draws data from the Internet Archive, and measure the volume of archived online content of local interest at the MSOA/IZ level during the 2002-2012 period.

Please see the PDF data item listed here, for full details of the dataset, and references. The following is a summary of the PDF:

Each entry of the JISC UK Web Domain Dataset ( (Jackson, 2017), which is a subset of the Internet Archive and curated by the British Library and includes all the archived webpages under the .uk top level domain, contains a timestamp, the URL of the archived website as well as the British postcode found on each site.

We can use this dataset to derive a measure for how much local internet content (hereafter LIC, Tranos & Stich 2019) there exists across the UK. However, the dataset includes websites with differing geographic reach; some websites may refer to single postcode, while others may refer to several postcodes all over the UK. As described in Tranos and Stich, 2019, this poses a problem when trying to ascertain whether localised internet content is a driver of online behaviour.

We thus need a way to discount websites that have less of a local focus. The underlying idea is that websites that have a high geographic dispersion are less “local”. To compute the geographic dispersion of a websites’ set of postcodes p we calculate the Radius of Gyration (RG) of p in kilometres. A website with a high RG will be of national interest, while a website with a low RG will have a very local geographic presence.

As local geographical units we utilise the Middle Layer Super Output Areas (MSOA) for England and the Intermediate Zones (IZ) for Scotland. For each MSOA/IZ with a set W of archived websites we calculate yearly measures of the volume of LIC.

University College London (UCL)
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Tranos, E. & Stich, C. (2019). Individual internet usage and the availability of online content of local interest: a multilevel approach. CEUS, in print.


Created by Emmanouil Tranos and Christoph Stich.

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