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Linked Consumer Registers (1997-2016)

The linked consumer registers contain the names and addresses for adults in the UK in annual snapshots between 1997 and 2016 (inclusive). They are compiled from reported outputs from linking public versions of the electoral roll and consumer registers (supplied by value-added resellers). The data represent a near-complete coverage of the adult population at an individual level. This data is only available in the secure lab at the Jill Dando Institute in London.

IMPORTANT This older (1997-2016 only) version of the register remains listed for research reproducibility purposes, however new applicants are strongly advised to use our updated Linked Consumer Registers product available at which includes improvements for the older years (due to imputation) as well as more recent data.

University College London (UCL)

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United Kingdom
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POLYGON ((-8.9948498999 49.688302644, 2.0867431164 49.688302644, 2.0867431164 61.0684288668, -8.9948498999 61.0684288668, -8.9948498999 49.688302644))

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