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Legacy Datasets

This record contains legacy data resources and corresponding files published by CDRC which are not part of CDRC's current work but are retained on CDRC Data for research reproduceability purposes. Please see each resource page for its description. Each data resource has a DOI attached to it.

Ethical Consumer Markets Reports

The Ethical Consumer Markets Report has been produced annually by Ethical Consumer (ECRA) since 1999 and aims to provide a barometer on ethical spending in the UK.

Included here are the reports for 2001-2014, and a data pack which provides the background data used in the reports for the years 1999-2013. The files are published in partnership between the ESRC Consumer Data Research Centre and ECRA.

The reports and the data pack present information about the total and sectorial consumer spending on ethical purchasing. For further information please visit:

Pre and Post Recession Town Centre Statistics

These data represent the composition and vacancy rates of retail centres in 2009 and 2014. They were created using two extracts supplied by the Local Data Company (LDC); with the centres defined by the retail cores contained within the DCLG State of the Cities Report - Records may be missing in both 2009 and 2014 data as LDC have expanded their survey coverage over time; and, retail centres may not be appropriately delineated through the DCLG definitions. The following attribution statements must be used to acknowledge copyright and source in use of these datasets: Data from the Local Data Company; Data analysis by the ESRC Consumer Data Research Centre.

Retail Rateable Value

These data provide the output of a model that explores the variable impact of the recession on current retail business rates. Regionally adjusted values are presented at the local authority scale for England; alongside retail centre adjusted values for a series of case study locations. These data were generated for a report produced in collaboration with the Local Data Company. Ancillary data used within the model were supplied by the Valuation Office Agency and Colliers International Ltd. The following attribution statements must be used to acknowledge copyright and
source in use of these datasets: Retail Data Supplied by the Local Data Company, Colliers International Ltd and the Valuation Office Agency; Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2015; Data analysis by the ESRC Consumer Data Research Centre.

University College London (UCL)
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