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Leeds City Council Footfall Camera Aggregated Data

The dataset contains footfall counts in Leeds City Centre supplied by Leeds City Council. There are 10 cameras around the city that monitor numbers of people walking past. These cameras calculate numbers on an hourly basis. The raw data is freely available on Data Mill North; however a cleaned and aggregated dataset has been produced for the purposes of analysis by Leeds Institute for Data Analytics in collaboration with the Consumer Data Research Centre.

The dataset is comprised of hourly footfall counts and has been cleaned according to the needs of the research project for which they were gathered. Variables for British Retail Consortium (BRC) weeks and months are also present.

University of Leeds

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Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
United Kingdom
Hourly intervals, camera locations, BRC weeks and months
Public Access Level
POLYGON ((-1.6848705802113 53.739954807273, -1.6848705802113 53.84963116024, -1.4075023401529 53.84963116024, -1.4075023401529 53.739954807273))
POLYGON ((-1.5758292283863 53.786211145563, -1.5758292283863 53.808487048874, -1.5218717325479 53.808487048874, -1.5218717325479 53.786211145563))
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This dataset is managed by the University of Leeds and is available on a case by case basis, following consultation. Please contact the CDRC at stating which data set you are interested in if you wish to access these data.