AHAH (the index of ‘Access to Health Assets and Hazards’) Version 2 is a multi-dimensional index developed by the CDRC for Great Britain measuring how ‘healthy’ neighbourhoods are. It is an updated version of AHAH Version 1 and combines together indicators under four different domains of accessibility:

  • Retail environment (access to fast food outlets, pubs, off-licences, tobacconists, gambling outlets),

  • Health services (access to GPs, hospitals, pharmacies, dentists, leisure services),

  • Physical environment (Blue Space, Green Space - Active, Green Space - Passive), and

  • Air quality (Nitrogen Dioxide, Particulate Matter 10, Sulphur Dioxide).

Measurement data and deciles for the overall index, 4 domains and 16 inputs are produced for Lower Super Output Areas for England and Wales, and Data Zones for Scotland. All the output datasets are publicly available through the CDRC website under the UK Open Government Licence (OGL).

An online map of AHAH domains and the overall index for the whole of Great Britain is available through CDRC interactive web mapping tool.

Please note: The decile data and mapping for some of the inputs was revised at noon on 1 July.

The original version can be accessed at this link.

Related Publications:

Daras K., Green M. A., Davies A., Barr B., Singleton A. 2019. Open data on health-related neighbourhood features in Great Britain. Scientific data 6 (1), 107. DOI: 10.1038/s41597-019-0114-6.

Daras, K., Green, MA., Davies, A., Singleton, A., Barr, B. 2019. Access to Healthy Assets and Hazards (AHAH) - Updated version 2017. figshare. Short Technical Report. DOI:10.6084/m9.figshare.8295842.v1

Green, M. A., Daras, K., Davies, A., Barr, B. & Singleton, A. 2018. Developing an openly accessible multi-dimensional small area index of ‘Access to Healthy Assets and Hazards’ for Great Britain, 2016. Health & Place 54, 11–19. DOI: 10.1016/j.healthplace.2018.08.019

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Additional Info

Field Value
Product CDRC Access to Healthy Assets and Hazards Index (AHAH)
Date Range 2017
Collecting Date 2017
Data Collector CDRC
Update Frequency Adhoc
Geographical Scales Lower Level Super Output Area
Analytical Units Area
Data Kind CSV
Bounding box Great Britain
Nation Great Britain
Creator Konstantinos Daras, Alec Davies, Mark Green, Alex Singleton, Benjamin Barr
Creator Email data@cdrc.ac.uk
Publisher Konstantinos Daras
Publisher Email data@cdrc.ac.uk
Publication Year 2019
Attribution Statement Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC)
Maintainer Consumer Data Research Centre
Maintainer Email data@cdrc.ac.uk