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  • CDRC Distances of Residential Moves (DoRM) Index (LAD Geography)

CDRC Residential Mobility Index Open

    This index provides an estimate of the "churn" of the residential population in the UK - the proportion of households that have changed between the end of 2020 and the end of each of each year going back to 1997. The estimates were built from...

    Temporal OAC Open

      The 2001-2011 Temporal Output Area Classification (TOAC) is a UK geodemographic classification for 2011 Output Areas over the 2001-2011 period. This CDRC 2001-2011 TOAC Geodata Pack provides a mappable version of this classification for England...

      Consumer Data Insights for Housing Policy

        Solving Britain’s housing crisis requires rich, robust and regularly updated local data about the housing stock and how people move through it. However, no traditional data resource ticks all these boxes. In this story, we describe how CDRC data...