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Ethnicity Estimator software Safeguarded

    Ethnicity Estimator is an online service which allows users to produce an estimated ethnicity distribution of a set of names supplied to it, based on the standard UK ONS ethnicity category groups. Upon supplying a CSV of names, it will return an...

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    Retail Centre Boundaries Open

      The CDRC Retail Centre Boundaries are an openly available dataset on the location and extent of retail centre areas across the UK. Boundaries are delineated using openly available and geocoded retail-specific unit locations and land use. Self-...

      Historic Retail Centre Boundaries Open

        These national level geodata packs provide the CDRC retail centre boundaries and retail centre centroids for the year 2017 for Great Britain. The data were produced from the 2015 LDC retail units location dataset that is available from CDRC, and...

        Local Data Spaces Open

          The Local Data Spaces (LDS) programme is a collaboration between the [Joint Biosecurity Centre (JBC)](, [Office for National Statistics (ONS)](

          Linked Consumer Registers Secure

            The linked consumer registers contain the names and addresses for adults in the UK in annual snapshots from 1997 onwards. They are compiled from reported outputs from linking public versions of the electoral roll and consumer registers (supplied...