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  • Ofo Bicycle Sharing System UK Operating Areas and Hubs Open

    Operating areas (geofences) and hubs (preferred parking zones) for the ofo dockless bicycle sharing system's (bikeshare) schemes in the UK. The hubs are supplied as points...
  • Southwark Traffic Counts Open Popular

    Data from LB Southwark on traffic measurements for over 400 locations in the borough. For each, data is available for one or more year between 2010 and 2016. This is an edited...
  • Top Country of Birth Open

    The top non-home, non-English country (or region) of birth for all UK OAs.
  • Top Industry of Employment Open

    Aggregating the Industry counts across the National Statistics agencies across the UK (ONS, NRS, NISRA NINIS) at output-area level, to calculate the top and second-top industry...