The boundaries used on CDRC Maps to show urban areas. CDRC Maps uses three levels of urban extent boundaries, of which two are included here (the third, which is based on OS Vector Map District is extremely large, so is not included).

Great Britain:

  • Zoom levels 7, 8 and 9: str14_urbanareas (OS Open Data Strategi urban regions)
  • Zoom levels 10 and 11: str16_largeurbanareas_buff (OS Open Data Strategi urban regions)
  • Zoom levels 12+: vmd18_building (Vector Map District buildings)

Northern Ireland:

  • Zoom levels 7, 8 and 9: nisra_urbanareas
  • Zoom levels 10 and 11: nisra_urbanareas
  • Zoom levels 12+: OpenStreetMap buildings

str14/16 = Strategi from late 2013 and mid 2016 respectively.

The Large urban areas are the large polygons from Strategi urban regions only, and buffered outwards slightly, compared with the urba areas. Both differences can be seen on the image here.

Note that Strategi urban regions are almost identical to Meridian 2 DLUAs, just buffered slightly differently.

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Field Value
Product Borders Geodata
Date Range 2014-8
Data Collector Ordnance Survey, NISRA
Update Frequency Not updated
Geographical Scales Urban areas
Analytical Units Urban area
Data Kind GeoJSON
Bounding box UK
Nation United Kingdom
Source Ordnance Survey and NISRA
Creator Oliver O'Brien
Creator Email
Publisher Oliver O'Brien
Publisher Email
Publication Year 2019
Maintainer Consumer Data Research Centre
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