This dataset combines the most recently available small-area population density and urban/rural classification information available from the three UK national statistics agencies - ONS/NOMIS (2011, England/Wales), NRS (2011 and 2013-4, Scotland) and NISRA/NINIS (2011 and 2015-6, Northern Ireland). Because the three agencies use slightly different ways of creating their urban/rural classifications, a bespoke unified classification is created by combining them. Analysts should note that, while ONS considers "City and Town in a Sparse Setting" (C2) to be Urban, it is treated as Rural (R2) in the unified classification, because the unified classification makes an equivalence between "remote" and "sparse" population areas and does not consider either to be urban, regardless of settlement population size. Therefore, analysts should use the source classifications rather than the unified one, when seeking to extract a simple official Urban vs Rural statistic. For convenience, this is included in the lookup file.

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Field Value
Product Population Open Data
Date Range 2011-15
Collecting Date 2013-16
Data Collector ONS (England/Wales), NRS (Scotland), NISRA (Northern Ireland)
Update Frequency Ad-hoc
Geographical Scales Output Area
Analytical Units Person
Data Kind CSV
Bounding box United Kingdom
Nation United Kingdom
Source URL
Source ONS (England/Wales), NRS (Scotland), NISRA (Northern Ireland)
Creator Consumer Data Research Centre
Creator Email
Publisher Oliver O'Brien
Publisher Email
Publication Year 2016
Geography URL
Attribution Statement Oliver O'Brien, UCL Department of Geography
Citation O. O'Brien.
Maintainer Consumer Data Research Centre
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