Operating areas (geofences) and hubs (preferred parking zones) for the ofo dockless bicycle sharing system's (bikeshare) schemes in the UK.

The hubs are supplied as points although they exist on the ground/in the app as small areas. The operating areas and hubs contained in this dataset are adapted from data supplied by the operations and data team at ofo in the UK and/or displayed in the ofo smartphone app.

Please note that the data here may not be completely up to date, and is simply a snapshot at a a particular point in time. While CDRC will endeavour to keep the data here up-to-date, always refer to the ofo smartphone app or the official website (https://www.ofo.com/uk/en/press) for maps and information about the latest locations of operating areas and hubs. Operating areas may shrink and grow from time to time.

Ofo in the UK is operating in London, Oxford and Cambridge. Hubs are only present currently for London. Ofo's bicycles have yellow and black livery.

You can see a visualisation of the hubs and each operating area at: http://bikes.oobrien.com/londonofo/, http://bikes.oobrien.com/cambridgeofo/, http://bikes.oobrien.com/oxfordofo/ and http://bikes.oobrien.com/norwichofo/ (former only), http://bikes.oobrien.com/sheffieldofo/ (former only)

Ofo uses the terminology "geofence" to describe an operating area where it distributes bikes to, and where users should finish their journey in. In the UK, ofo users cannot start a journey unless in the geofence, unless it is on a bicycle they have taken outside of the geofence in the last 12 hours. Users are allowed to leave the geofence during their journey, but should finish their journey within it. It does not need to be the same geofence they started in. This policy is for the UK schemes and may vary by country or city.

Ofo uses the terminology "preferred parking zone" to describe a hub, which is small area within a geofence in which users are encouraged (with incentives) to finish their journey, and where they are more likely to regularly find a "stock" of bikes to start a journey with. Hubs are analogous to docking stations in dock-based bicycle sharing systems, except that they do not have equipment on the ground for securing the bicycles. They may have signs, tape or paint on the ground, or no physical indication of their location.

Dockless bicycle sharing systems are also known as "free-floating" or "helter skelter" systems.

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Field Value
Product Dockless Bicycle Sharing System Operating Areas and Hubs
Date Range 2018
Collecting Date 01/05/2018
Data Collector Bike Share Map
Update Frequency Ad-Hoc
Geographical Scales Point locations and parts of urban areas.
Analytical Units Bicycle sharing system scheme
Data Kind GeoJSON
Bounding box England
Nation United Kingdon
Source Ofo UK
Creator Oliver O'Brien
Creator Email data@cdrc.ac.uk
Publisher CDRC in London
Publisher Email data@cdrc.ac.uk
Publication Year 2018
Attribution Statement Copyright © ofo 2018. Supplied by CDRC.
CDRC Map URL http://bikes.oobrien.com/londonofo/
Maintainer Consumer Data Research Centre
Maintainer Email data@cdrc.ac.uk