Areal "as-the-crow-flies" catchments to stations (represented as approximate centroids), calculated as Voronoi polygons which are clipped to the Greater London area. Stations outside of this area are included where they are the nearest station to an area within Greater London. Some spatial aggregation done where stations have the name and are shown as connected on the TfL network map, e.g. the three West Hampstead stations. Created in QGIS. Derived from data from OS, OpenStreetMap and TfL. If recreating from the centroids, you can find the Greater London boundary at - and remember to convert everything to British National Grid first! See an interactive version at Great Britain version, for ~2560 National Rail stations, at The classifications were sequential (first of: LU if any LU, DLR if any DLR, OG if any OG except limited, trams if any trams, remaining NR). This sequential list was defined at

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Additional Info

Field Value
Product Transport in London
Date Range 2018
Update Frequency Ad-Hoc
Geographical Scales Station
Analytical Units Station
Data Kind GeoJSON, KML
Bounding box Greater London
Nation United Kingdom
Source TfL, ONS, OS, OSM
Creator Oliver O'Brien
Maintainer Consumer Data Research Centre
Maintainer Email