This geodata pack provides the 2017 index of Access to Health Assets and Hazards (AHAH) for the LSOAs covering the Sustainability and Transformation Plans: Dorset (STP) (E54000041). AHAH is a new multi-dimensional index developed by the CDRC for Great Britain measuring how ‘healthy’ neighbourhoods are. It is based on: accessibility to retail outlets (fast food outlets, pubs, off-licences, tobacconists, gambling outlets), accessibility to health services (GPs, hospitals, pharmacies, dentists, leisure services), and the quality of the physical environment (green space, air pollution). AHAH is produced for Lower Super Output Areas for England. It is free to download, and includes the overall index and each of the individual inputs as well providing a fully open and unique data resource for health researchers. Measurement data and deciles for the overall index, 3 domains and 14 inputs.

  • Contents

    • readme.txt: Information about the CDRC Geodata pack
    • metadata.xml: Metadata
    • tables: Folder containing the csv files
    • spatial: Folder containing the spatial data
  • Citation and Copyright The following attribution statements must be used to acknowledge copyright and source in use of these datasets: Data provided by the ESRC Consumer Data Research Centre; Contains LDC data 2017; Contains NHS data 2017; Contains DEFRA data 2017; Contains OSM data 2017; Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2017;

  • Funding Funded by: Economic and Social Research Council ES/L011840/1

  • Other Information Areas that contained no information in the original dataset, are marked with NA in the csv files and NULL in the spatial data

Lookup table for variable names

Column name Description
r_dec Retail Environment domain (Decile)
h_dec Health Services domain (Decile)
e_dec Physical Environment domain (Decile)
ahah_dec AHAH Index (Decile)
r_dom Retail Environment domain (Score)
h_dom Health Services domain (Score)
e_dom Physical Environment domain (Score)
ahah AHAH Index (Score)

Data and Resources

Additional Info

Field Value
Product CDRC Access to Healthy Assets and Hazards Index (AHAH)
Date Range 2017
Data Collector LDC, NHS, DEFRA
Geographical Scales LSOA
Analytical Units Sustainability and Transformation Plans
Data Kind Decile, Proportion
Bounding box Dorset (STP)
Nation England
Source AHAH 2017, LSOA 2011 Boundaries V2 (Full, Clipped)
Creator Konstantinos Daras University of Liverpool, Alec Davies University of Liverpool, Mark Green University of Liverpool, Benjamin Barr University of Liverpool, Alex Singleton, University of Liverpool
Creator Email
Maintainer Consumer Data Research Centre
Maintainer Email