This CDRC 2015 OS Geodata Pack provides Ordnance Survey Open Map Shapefiles for the Local Authority District: Cardiff (W06000015)

  • Contents:

    • RoadTunnel (.shp,.prj,.dbf,.shx): Shapefile
    • MotorwayJunction (.shp,.prj,.dbf,.shx): Shapefile
    • RailwayTunnel (.shp,.prj,.dbf,.shx): Shapefile
    • RailwayStation (.shp,.prj,.dbf,.shx): Shapefile
    • Roundabout (.shp,.prj,.dbf,.shx): Shapefile
    • RailwayTrack (.shp,.prj,.dbf,.shx): Shapefile
    • Woodland (.shp,.prj,.dbf,.shx): Shapefile
    • TidalWater (.shp,.prj,.dbf,.shx): Shapefile
    • TidalBoundary (.shp,.prj,.dbf,.shx): Shapefile
    • SurfaceWater_Line (.shp,.prj,.dbf,.shx): Shapefile
    • SurfaceWater_Area (.shp,.prj,.dbf,.shx): Shapefile
    • Road (.shp,.prj,.dbf,.shx): Shapefile
    • NamedPlace (.shp,.prj,.dbf,.shx): Shapefile
    • ImportantBuilding (.shp,.prj,.dbf,.shx): Shapefile
    • FunctionalSite (.shp,.prj,.dbf,.shx): Shapefile
    • Foreshore (.shp,.prj,.dbf,.shx): Shapefile
    • ElectricityTransmissionLine (.shp,.prj,.dbf,.shx): Shapefile
    • Building (.shp,.prj,.dbf,.shx): Shapefile
    • metadata.xml: Meta Data
    • readme.txt: Information about the CDRC 2015 OS Geodata Pack
  • Copyright and citation:

Please cite with the following copyright and attribution statement:

CDRC 2015 OS Geodata Pack by the ESRC Consumer Data Research Centre; Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2015

  • Funding:

Funded by: Economic and Social Research Council (ES/L011840/1)

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Additional Info

Field Value
Product CDRC 2015 OS Geodata Pack
Date Range 2015
Collecting Date 03/2015
Data Collector Ordnance Survey
Geographical Scales Local Authority District
Data Kind Shapefile
Bounding box Cardiff
Nation Wales
Source Ordnance Survey
Creator Alex Singleton, Hai Nguyen
Creator Email
Maintainer Consumer Data Research Centre
Maintainer Email