This census data pack provides 2011 Census estimates for Scotland for the 'Key Statistic' and 'Quick Statistic' tables within the Council Area: Highland (S12000017) at the Output Area, Data Zone and Intermediate Zone scale. The estimates are as at census day, 27 March 2011.

  • Contents

    • readme.txt: Information about the CDRC Geodata pack
    • metadata.xml: Metadata
    • datasets_description.csv: Description of the 2011 Census Key Statistic and Quick Statistic datasets
    • variables_description.csv: Description of the 2011 Census Key Statistic and Quick Statistic variables
    • tables: Folder containing the OA, DZ and IZ 2011 Census data for the Council Area: Highland (S12000017)
    • shapefiles: Folder containing the OA, DZ and IZ digital boundaries as shapefiles for the Council Area: Highland (S12000017)
  • Statistical Disclosure Control In order to protect against disclosure of personal information from the 2011 Census, there has been swapping of records in the Census database between different geographic areas and so some counts will be affected. In the main, the greatest effects will be at the lowest geographies, since the record swapping is targeted towards those households with unusual characteristics in small areas. More details on the ONS Census disclosure control strategy may be found on the Statistical Disclosure Control page on the ONS website:

  • Citation and Copyright The following attribution statements must be used to acknowledge ONS and OS copyright and source in use of these datasets: Contains National Statistics data Crown copyright and database right [year] Contains Ordnance Survey data Crown copyright and database right [year]

  • Funding Funded by: Economic and Social Research Council ES/L011840/1

  • Other Information Due to the values of the 2011 Census variable 'Area' being rounded in the raw datasets, they have been replaced with more accurate estimates for the 2011 OAs obtained from: As a result the values of the field 'Density' have also been updated to reflect these changes.

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Additional Info

Field Value
Product CDRC 2011 Census Data Packs for Scotland
Date Range 2011
Collecting Date 27/03/11
Data Collector Office for National Statistics, Ordnance Survey
Geographical Scales Output Area, Data Zone, Intermediate Zone
Analytical Units Area, Household, Person
Data Kind Count, Sum, Ratio
Bounding box Highland
Nation Scotland
Source Census 2011
Creator Alex Singleton, University of Liverpool, Michalis Pavlis, University of Liverpool
Creator Email
Maintainer Consumer Data Research Centre
Maintainer Email