LINK Scheme Ltd. ATM Location and Transaction Data (2005 to 2017)

This data describes the location and characteristics of all ATMs within the LINK network in October 2017, transaction breakdown for October 2017 and monthly summary statistics from 2005 to 2017.

In the location data set the unique ID of each ATM is provided, as well its full address, including the premises each ATM is associated with and additional attributes/descriptors. This includes ATM location type, surcharge value and the make and model code of each ATM.

The transaction data has been aggregated across a hierarchy of postal geographies such that no less than 3 ATMs are present within each.

This dataset is only available on a contract basis and the application forms and more details can be found here.

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Additional Info

Field Value
Date Range 2005 to 2017
Data Collector LINK Scheme Ltd.
Data Kind XLSX
Bounding box UK
Nation United Kingdom
Creator LINK Scheme Ltd.
Maintainer Consumer Data Research Centre
Maintainer Email